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CIVIS Media Prize for integration and cultural diversity in Europe

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Der Clip zur Kampagne gegen Rassismus der Beratungsstelle response

Ein Angebot der Bildungsstätte Anne Frank more

Judenhass in Europa

Eine Webdoku des Westdeutschen Rundfunks more

Broken Dreams of the Interwar Years

A project by ARTE and Das Erste more

What’s your story?

Arriving in Germany. The story of a life between Brandenburg and the Lebanon. more

Neue Rechte Welle

Web video about right rock concert more

CIVIS Media Prize 2018 – TV-Gala at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin

12 programmes awarded more

CIVIS prize winners 2018

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Intercultural Europe Magazine

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"Racist politics increases the eagerness for violence"

Interview with conflict researcher Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick more

The rage trial

Dunja Hayali and Anja Reschke interview more

Dialogues with the Islamic world more

the openminded, international radio-programme in Germany more

Das interkulturelle Magazin

Encounters between cultures more

Amadeu Antonio Foundation



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CIVIS 2018

Prize-giving ceremony and TV gala 2018 as video more

Annette Widmann-Mauz

Minister of State for Integration
"Neither appeasement nor dramatisation – we need a sober debate on our rules of social coexistence."

Dr. Mohsen Sohi

Freudenberg Foundation
"CIVIS is more than just a great media prize ..." more

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Michael Radix

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