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CIVIS Media Prize for integration and cultural diversity in Europe

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NSU (National Socialist Underground) - right-wing terror then and today more

CIVIS Medienkonferenz 2017:
Das neue deutsche Wir. German Angst more


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Prize-giving Ceremony 2016

CIVIS Media Prize Information
"The Balkan Route – On the Flight"
Federal Foreign Office Berlin more

Prize-giving Ceremony 2016

CIVIS Media Prize Information
Federal Foreign Office Berlin more

CIVIS Media Prize for Integration

and cultural diversity

CIVIS Media Prize with record participation – winners honoured

For the 29th time already during a festive TV gala, programme con tributions on radio, film, television and the Internet were honoured which promote peaceful coexistence in the European immigration society. more


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Intercultural Europe Magazine

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The rage trial

Dunja Hayali and Anja Reschke interview more

Solidarité sans frontières more

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"Wie blöd Du bist" more

Carolin Kebekus: PussyTerror TV

How escape is changing the world

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Dialogues with the Islamic world more

for social networks without Nazis
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Roger de Weck Director General SRG SSR

Input: "Das neue deutsche WIR. German Angst", German Confidence more

Minister-of-State Aydan Özoğuz

"We must defend ourselves against propaganda!" more

Federal President Joachim Gauck

"I am impressed by the idea behind CIVIS" more

Sandra Maischberger more

"The only remedy against stereotyping is to take a closer look."

Greeting European partners

CIVIS Media Prize 2017 more

Replays in radio and television more

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel
"United in Diversity" more

EP President Martin Schulz

"The time of the comfortable leaning back is over. The time to struggle has come." more

CIVIS Executive Director
Michael Radix

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