CIVIS Media Conference 2020

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Save the date: The CIVIS Media Conference 2020 will take place on the 1st December - due to the corona pandemic, the conference will be held as a digital conference for the first time. The theme of the conference will be announced in due course.

The CIVIS Media Foundation held its first media conference in 1999 and has been holding media conferences and other meetings continually since 2005. The debates serve as instruments for media professionals to leverage self-reflection and for dialogue with society as a whole. They broaden the range of issues beyond the “classic” core questions of integration and move the focus towards new developments in an increasingly diverse society as well as how such developments are portrayed in the media.

With its media conference, the CIVIS Media Foundation acts both as a forum for communications and an initiator. It highlights the interactions between the media revolution, migration and integration in the broader sense. In this way, it helps to structure the debate and form opinions about one of the most urgent issues facing society today.


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