CIVIS Prize categories

The prize is awarded to the best contributions on radio, film, television and the Internet on the subject of migration, integration and cultural diversity in Europe. The European CIVIS Media Prize is awarded in the fields of AUDIO, TV . VIDEO, DIGITAL, YOUNG CIVIS, CINEMA and as SPECIAL prize FUSSBALL + INTEGRATION.

All creative forms are permitted. The CIVIS Prize is endowed.

The TV.VIDEO PRIZE will be awarded for television programmes in the categories information and entertainment (non-fiction/ fiction) as well as for short TV programmes up to ten minutes (magazines). The European Television Prize is open to all streaming services, all television broadcasters and tv production companies within the European Union and Switzerland.

The AUDIO PRIZE will be awarded for German-language radio programmes within the EU and Switzerland - in both the short programme category (up to 6 minutes) and long programme category (from 6 minutes to a maximum of 120 minutes, incl. PODCASTS). All radio stations within the European Union and Switzerland are eligible to submit entries. For radio contributions please register via audio file!

The DIGITAL-ONLINE PRIZE is awarded for innovative journalistic Internet offers (websites) and online videos (online films and web videos). The submitted websites and online videos must be accessible in the internet from 21.01. to 30.04.2019.

The Internet offers must make use of graphics and multi-media which are ideally suited for the Internet. All pages must be accessible in German or English, when entering the precise web address (URL). Authorized representatives of companies based in the EU and Switzerland may submit entries to the competition.

Online videos must be accessible when entering the precise web address (URL). Only videos in German or English up to 15 minutes may be entered, which were first published on the Internet. Video producers from the EU and Switzerland can participate.

The YOUNG C. PRIZE will be awarded as a sponsorship prize for TV and video productions. The maximum age of entrants is 32 years. Entries can be submitted by all television companies and TV production companies in the EU and Switzerland. They may also be submitted by all film and television colleges, journalist schools, academies and colleges of journalism, communication and media in the EU and Switzerland.

The CIINEMA PRIZE is awarded for European films in German cinemas on the theme of migration, integration, racism and discrimination. Participation is open to all film productions from the EU and Switzerland. Applications or submissions are not possible. Several prominent experts acting as trustees, nominate five films for a public vote on the Internet. The selection process takes place exclusively on the Internet. The film with the most online votes will be the winner.

The SPECIAL EDITION is awarded for sport programmes on the issue of football and integration in the fields of AUDIO, TV . VIDEO and DIGITAL. The special football prize is organized in cooperation with the DFB (German Football Association). All creative forms are permitted.