CIVIS Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of journalists and experts who are professionally involved in the media field and hold responsible positions there. Exceptions are possible. The task of the Advisory Board is to examine the projects of the foundation and to make recommendations to the Executive Director and the Partners’ Meeting. The members of the Advisory Board work on an honorary basis.

Jona Teichmann
Head of Programme Department for Regional Radio Programmes of Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)

Studied Journalism, History and Political Science. Worked on a freelance basis for the Rheinische Post. Traineeship. 1990 editor with WDR Radio for youth radio programme "Riff", WDR 2 "Mittagsmagazin", WDR 5 editorial "Zeitgeschehen" and correspondent in the WDR Radio Studio Bonn. 1999 assisted in developing the integration programme Funkhaus Europa and was initially editor-in-chief of the German language "spoken word" programme. 2003-2009 Programme Chief of WDR Funkhaus Europa. Since June 2009 Head of Programme Department for Regional Radio Programmes of Westdeutscher Rundfunk.

Ulf Köhler
Head of Feature editorial department MDR Figaro. Deputy Chairman of the advisory board of the CIVIS Media Foundation

Vocational training as a skilled electronic technician with A-levels, practical traineeship with the news agency AND, 1998-1995 studied journalism and eastern Europe sciences in Leipzig. Since 1989 freelance author. In addition to reports for journals first documentaries for broadcasters. 1995, after a stay abroad in Moscow, predominantly freelance author and editor for several ARD institutions. Since August 2002, head of MDR feature editorial department. Kurt Magnus Prize 1995 for "Let’s drink to Mischa - Russia in March". Member of radio feature programme group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Since 2003 Deputy chairman of the advisory board of the CIVIS Media Foundation.

Thomas Baumann
Head Political Talk Formats >rbb-TV<

Studied political science, communication science and psycholinguistics in Munich. During his studies, he already worked as a sports reporter for the tabloid newspaper "tz" and on a freelance basis for the radio department of Bayerischer Rundfunk. After being awarded his masters degree, he worked as a reporter, planning editor and managing editor for the programmes "Bayernstudio", "Rundschau" and "Rundschaumagazin" at Bayerisches Fernsehen. In 1991 he was responsible for the establishment of the television news service of Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. Between 1994 and 1998 he acted as ARD correspondent for the Czech and Slovak Republics. Head of the ARD Studio Prague. 1999-2006 deputy editor-in-chief television in the ARD Capital Studio in Berlin. 2006-2016, ARD editor-in-chief and coordinator for politics, social and cultural affairs. 2016-2018 deputy editor-in-chief television and deputy head of the ARD Capital Studio in Berlin. Since January 2019 Head Political Talk Formats >rbb-TV<.

Rainald Becker
ARD editor-in-chief and Coordinator for politics, society and culture

Studied social science, politics and catholic theory at the University of Duisburg. Trained as motorcar mechanic. Scholarship-holder at the Institute for the Promotion of Young Journalists. 1985 graduation. 1986 internship at Süddeutsche Rundfunk, SDR (since 1998 Südwestrundfunk SWR). Already during his studies, up to 1986 freelancer and a reporter for the WDR Television for the Dusseldorf and Cologne regional studios, for the "Aktuelle Stunde" and sports broadcasts. 1986 editor for home affairs at SDR Television in Stuttgart. 1990 switched to a position as editor in the foreign affairs department, as of 1993 as senior editor, travel correspondent and presenter of "ARD-Weltspiegel". 1999-2006 TV correspondent in the ARD's capital studio in Berlin. 2006-2008 deputy head of department, responsible for "Television Abroad and Europe" as well as head of the "ARD-Weltspiegel" editorial team (SWR). 2009 deputy editor-in-chief TV in the ARD's capital studio. Since July 2016, ARD editor-in-chief and coordinator for politics, society and culture.

Sofie Donges
Deputy Programme Manager and Director News/Current Affairs N-JOY at Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

Studied Scandinavian Studies and Political Science at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt. 2003-2007 studied politics and organization at the Open University of Hagen. Freelance author for, among others, hr, SWR, WDR, Deutschlandradio, rbb, SR and BR. 2000 - 2007 reporter and editor at Hessischer Rundfunk (hr), first of hr3, later of hr-xxl and YOU FM. 2007 - 2008 NDR programme volunteer. 2008 - 2009 reporter for NDR info. July 2010 substitute in the ARD-Studio London. 2009 - 2011 editor of N-Joy. Following that, parental leave. Since June 2012 Deputy Programme Manager and Director News/Current Affairs of N-JOY. September 2013 Project Manager "Kanzlercheck". Awards.

Ellen Ehni
Editor-in-Chief of WDR television, Head of the Programme Division ‘Politics and Current Affairs’

Studied German and French law. University of Cologne and Paris-Sorbonne. State Examination in Law at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Internship at Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR). Editor at “NDR aktuell” and reporter for ARD news programmes “Tagesschau” and “Tagesthemen”. Joined Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne (WDR) in 2004. Editor of the programme group ‘Economy and Law’. 2007 Television correspondent at the ARD studio in Paris. 2012 Head of the television programme group ‘Economy and Law’. Presenter of >Plusminus<, >WDR Brennpunkt<, as well as special ARD broadcasts. 2015 additionally Project Manager of >Crossmediacampus Wirtschaft & Service<. 2016 Head of the programme group ‘Current Affairs, Europe and Abroad’. 2018 Editor-in-Chief of WDR television, Head of the Programme Division ‘Politics and Current Affairs’. Member of the Programme Advisory Board of the CIVIS Media Foundation.

Tina Hassel
Head of the ARD Capital Studio and Editor-in-Chief of Television

Studied German language and literature, history and politics. Master's degree (M.A.). Trainee at Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Editor in the Economic and Social Policy Editorial Group. Presenter of the WDR television magazine "Markt". 1994-2001 TV correspondent at the ARD studio in Paris and Brussels. 2002 Head of the WDR television programme group Europe and Abroad. 2012-2015 Head of the ARD television studio Washington D.C. / USA. Since July 2015 Head of the ARD Capital Studio and Editor-in-Chief of Television. Presenter of the ARD television magazine "Bericht aus Berlin". Since 2018 member of the CIVIS Advisory Board.

Manuela Kasper-Claridge
Head of Business – Science – Environment Dept., Channel Manager for the English Channel and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Deutsche Welle

A journalist by training, Since 1992 News editor for Deutsche Welle. 1998 DW Business, Science and Environment department, responsible for its TV, Online, Radio and Social Media output. Regular guest at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Communications and Media Committee of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce. On the Board of Trustees of the ifo Institute in Munich. Since June 2016 member of the board of the Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer des HWWI gGmbH e.V. (Society of Friends and Sponsors of HWWI). Since 2018 Member of the Programme Advisory Board of the CIVIS Media Foundation.

Georg Mascolo
Head of Research Cooperation at Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ)

Trained as a lawyer's and notary's clerk. Traineeship at the Schaumburger Zeitung. Freelance work at the Lower Saxony radio station ffn. In 1988 began to work for the SPIEGEL group, initially for SPIEGEL-TV. 1992 appointed Deputy Head in the Berlin office of the news magazine SPIEGEL, from 2000-2004 Head of the Germany section in Hamburg. 2004-2007 political correspondent for SPIEGEL in Washington. 2007 - 2008 Head of the SPIEGEL-office in the capital together with Dirk Kurbjuweit. 2008-2011 SPIEGEL editor in chief together with Mathias Müller von Blumencron. 2011-2013 sole editor in chief of the print edition of SPIEGEL. Since January 2014 head of the research cooperation WDR, NDR, SZ. Memberships include: member of the Board of Trustees of Reporter ohne Grenzen (Reporters Without Borders), founding member of Netzwerk Recherche (Network Research). Since 2016 member of the CIVIS Advisory Board.

Sonia Seymour Mikich
Publicist (Honorary Member)

Studied political science, sociology and philosophy in Aachen, traineeship at the Aachener Volkszeitung. 1979-1981 scientific assistant at the Arnold-Gehlen Forschungsgruppe at the institute for Sociology of the RWTH Aachen. 1982-1984 traineeship at Westdeutscher Rundfunk, subsequently editor and reporter in the foreign television programme group at WDR. Conception and realisation of several new programme formats. 1992-1998 ARD correspondent in Moscow, 1996-1998 Head of the ARD television studio in Moscow. 1998-2001 head of the ARD studio in Paris. 2002-2011 editor inchief of ARD TV magazine "Monitor". 2011-2014 head of National Affairs and Documentaries department and responsible for "MONITOR", "die story" and "Menschen hautnah" as well as for documentaries for the First German Channel ("Das Erste"). 2014-2017 editor in chief television of Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and Director of the programme group WDR Politics and Current Affairs. Moderator of the ARD PRESSECLUB. 2017 election moderator for the Bundestag elections on das ERSTE (channel 1). Member of the CIVIS Advisory Board. Since 2018 Honorary Member of the CIVIS Programm Advisory Board. Numerous awards and publications.

Anja Reschke
ARD-moderator and Head of the domestic policy department at Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

Studied political science, history and social psychology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, during which also worked as a free reporter for the radio station “Antenne Bayern”. 1998 traineeship at NDR. Since 2000 freelance author of the ARD policy magazine "Panorama", “Extra 3” and “NDR aktuell”. Since July 2001, moderator of the Panorama magazine, freelance reporter for the NDR-reportage magazine "Panorama – die Reporter". Occasionally, moderator of the satirical magazine “Extra 3”, and since 2002 in the moderation team of the NDR-media magazine “Zapp”. Since November 2011, moderator of the ARD evening programme “Wissen vor acht – Zukunft”. Since January 2015, Head of the domestic policy department for the programme Zeitgeschehen / NDR. Publications.

Schiwa Schlei
Head of Programming for WDR COSMO

Master’s studies in Modern History, Eastern European History, Political Science and Media Studies at Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf and Charles University in Prague. Traineeship at the RHEINISCHE POST (RP) and RP-Online. Editor at,, From 2006 to 2015, development and management of the digital channels of the WDR radio station 1LIVE (website, social media, app). Since 2015, Deputy Head of Programming for the international and intercultural WDR radio station COSMO. Since 2017, also Deputy Director of Digital WDR Programme and Product Development. Since 2018, Head of Programming for COSMO. Member of the CIVIS Advisory Board.

Peter Schöber
Executive Director and Head of programme of ORF III Culture and Information

At ORF Radio since the end of the eighties. Management positions within the context of the international Ars Electronica Festival. Project management of pan-European media projects. Graduate of CNN's International Professional Program. Numerous programme innovations in the fields of TV News, magazine, reports and documentary. Responsible editor of the ORF information department. 2007-2009 Head of TV programme development Österreichischer Rundfunk. Since 2010 Executive Director of ORF/TW 1. Since 2011 Executive Director of ORF III Culture and Information.

Bakel Walden
Director SRG SSR for >Development and Services<

Studied media planning, media development and media consulting at the Universities of Siegen (DE) and Poitiers (FR). Master’s degree (M.A.). Voluntary service as Entertainment Editor at RTL in Cologne. 2006-2008 Member of the strategy team at the RTL headquarters in Luxembourg. 2009-2012 Head of Programme Planning and Development at the Greek RTL subsidiary Alpha TV. 2012-2017 Head of Programme Strategy at Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), responsible for issues relating to programme utilisation, positioning and design of the service, as well as performance of the individual vectors and contents. Since 2018 Director of Development and Services for Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft (SRG SSR) [Swiss Radio and Television Company]. Member of the General Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Member of the Programme Advisory Board of CIVIS Media Foundation.

Dr. Gualtiero Zambonini
Honorary member of the advisory board of the CIVIS media foundation

Studied philosophy with a doctorate from the University of Rome. 1970-1973 freelance journalist for different radio programmes and news services. 1973-1976 teaching post at the Ruhr University and academic research with Forschungsstelle Alfa in Neuss. Since 1976 editor at WDR Radio. 1983 head of the Italian radio editorial team and dep. head of the editorial team for foreign languages Forum Europa. 1999-2003 head of the programme team Funkhaus Europa. 1992 CIVIS radio prize. 2003-2016 commissioner for Integration and Cultural Diversity in the WDR. Since 2013 member of the advisory board of the CIVIS media foundation.