JURYS 2020

A total of 36, very experienced experts from the fields of media, culture and politics were involved in the three juries for the CIVIS Media Prize 2020.

Members of the YOUNG C. jury and the video jury both met for several days in the premises of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) in Vienna. The AUDIO jury met at the ARD television studio in Berlin. Each jury viewed up to 40 hours of material. In total there were over 900 entries in 2020. A day on a CIVIS jury team means full concentration for every member and many lively discussions. Nominated contributions are selected according to strict criteria and high journalistic standards.

Here you can see the jury members of the CIVIS Media Prize 2020 during the meetings in Vienna and Berlin:

YOUNG C. Jury Vienna

Jury members left to right

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick

Uni Bielefeld | Director Institute for Conflict and Violence Research

Christoph Takacs

ORF | TV Director Salzburg Regional Studio

Cherno Jobatey

TV presenter, journalist

Schiwa Schlei

WDR | WDR Digital Commissioner, Programme Director COSMO

Andreas Orth

TV journalist, author

Pinar Atalay (Chairmanship)

ARD | TV presenter > Tagesthemen, Plusminus, NDR Aktuell<

Friederike Behrends

ZeeOne | Business Head, CEO German Speaking Countries

Stephanie Neumann

UDK Berlin | Lecturer, photographer and interactive designer

Bernd Knopf

Federal Chancellery | Commissioner for Integration, Media consultant

Wolfgang Vichtl

BR | Head of the online editorial department BR24

Michael Radix

CIVIS Media Foundation | Managing director until 31.03.2020

Ferdos Forudastan

CIVIS Media Foundation | Managing director from 01.04.2020 (not shown)

Video Jury Wien

Jury members left to right

Michael Radix

CIVIS Media Foundation | Managing director until 31.03.2020

Igor E. Bergant

RTV Slovenia | TV Anchorman >ODMEVI<

Irène Challand

SRG | Directorate General, Head >Contribution to Society<

Dr. Udo Grätz

WDR | Deputy Chief Editor Television, Head of Domestic Affairs

Ferdos Forudastan

CIVIS Media Foundation | Managing director from 01.04.2020

Susanne Sturm

MDR | Head of Editorial Office for Religion & Society

Tom Zwiessler

RTLZWEI | Head of Program Department

Ingrid Thurnher

ORF | Chief Editor ORF III Television

Michael Loeb

WDR mediagroup | Head of Management Board

Buket Alakus

Film director, screenwriter

Bakel Walden

SRG | Director of Development and Proposals

Roger de Weck (Chairmanship)

Publicist, media manager (GD SRG SSR 2011-2017)

Anja Reschke

NDR | Leiterin Programmbereich Kultur und Dokumentation

Maren Wintersberg

DW | Head of HA Feature and Documentation

Dr. Markus Nievelstein

Arte | Managing Director Arte Germany

Audio Jury Berlin

Jury members left to right

Martin Durm

ARD | SWR 2 Radioreporter, Auslandskorrespondent

Jan Heiermann

BR | Leiter Zündfunk

Ulf Köhler

MDR | Leiter Hörfunkfeature MDR FIGARO

Vivian Perkovic

Deutschlandradio | Journalist, moderator

Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel

Digital Institute Berlin | Director

Jona Teichmann

WDR | Editor-in-Chief, Radio

Jochen Rausch

WDR | Broader programme manager (1Live, WDR 2, WDR 4), Deputy WDR Programme Director

Barbara Stanton

ORF | Head of Chronicle Department Radio-Information

Martin Wagner (Chairmanship)

BR | Radio Director

Beat Soltermann

SRF | Head of "Echo der Zeit", foreign correspondent

Michael Radix

CIVIS | Managing director until 31.03.2020

Prof. Dr. Jörg Hafkemeyer

UDK Berlin | Journalist, Author, Lecturer (not shown)