Frequently Asked Questions


Contributions can only be submited online. By using the online registration form at registration.civismedia.eu

Submissions can be made online between 06 December 2022 and 20 January 2023.

The closing date for entries is 20.01.2023.

Yes, the total prize money is EUR 27,000.

All radio stations and online providers of audio features, TV broadcasters, TV production companies, streaming services and providers of online videos (social media formats – moving images) can submit entries. The same applies to all film and TV schools, journalism schools, academies and universities for journalism, communications and media within the EU and Switzerland. All rights to the submitted production must have been secured.

Productions must be submitted in German or English or with appropriate subtitles from the original language into German or English.

For a series or serial, a maximum of three episodes can be submitted.


The CIVIS TOP AWARD is an additional prize awarded to the best production of the year in the AUDIO, VIDEO and YOUNG C. fields.

No direct entries can be accepted for the CIVIS TOP AWARD.

The CIVIS TOP AWARD is endowed with 15,000 euros. If the TOP AWARD is won, the endowment for the individual prize of 2,000 EURO is waived


The CIVIS AUDIO AWARD is presented to German-language audio or radio programmes from within the EU or Switzerland. It is divided into categories for short programmes (up to six minutes), long programmes (between six minutes and 120 minutes max.) and podcasts (120 minutes max.). All forms of production are eligible.

The AUDIO jury will select five podcasts for online voting from the submitted entries. The podcast prize is an audience award and will be determined from these five entries via online voting.

The CIVIS AUDIO AWARD is awarded for German-language audio or radio contributions from the EU and Switzerland.


The CIVIS VIDEO AWARD is presented to TV and Internet productions in the >Information< (non-fiction) and >Entertainment< (fiction) categories. In the Internet category, there is an additional award for social media formats (moving images). All forms of production are eligible.


Productions submitted for the YOUNG C. AWARD must be publicly broadcast and/or accessible or have been officially recognised as a final project for the main subject of the respective training course (academy, university, etc.).

Participants may not be older than 33 years of age.


The CIVIS CINEMA AWARD is awarded for European feature films shown in German cinemas which address the issues of migration, integration and cultural diversity. All film productions from the EU and Switzerland are eligible for entry.

Direct entries are not permitted. CIVIS will nominate three to five films for audience voting online.

The award is not subject to prize money. The award winners are the director and the producer of the film chosen by the audience.