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Menschen hautnah: The Enemy in the House. When Children become Nazis

Prize-winner 2006
German CIVIS Television Prize – information

Author:Nicola Graef
Editorial:Wilfried Prill
Documentary, WDR
Broadcasting date 19.10.2005 at 22:30 hrs by WDR

At some stage he began to listen to music from the radical right-wing scene, had fights with Turkish youths, blamed everything on the foreigners. The mother only gradually began to realise and started to discuss with her son. But when the children come home with totally shaved heads, it is usually too late for talking. The documentary follows two families and shows what it means for the parents when their children become involved in the right-wing scene: endless debates, violence, possession of weapons, clashes with the police – bad years, a lost time.

right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism   

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