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CIVIS Media Prize 2021

For the first time, the CIVIS Media Foundation in 2021 set up two different bodies for the competition: a committee that compiled a small selection of particularly outstanding contributions and a jury that subsequently decided on the nominees and award winners. A total of 45 senior experts from the media, culture and politics were involved in the selection process.

This year, the members of the two bodies met exclusively in a virtual format. In 2021, almost 800 entries were submitted from 20 EU member states and Switzerland. All selection committees and juries in the different categories spent several days together, from morning to night, viewing, listening to and discussing entries. The selection of the nominated contributions was based on strict criteria of craftsmanship and high journalistic standards.

Here you can find the members of the selection committees and juries of the CIVIS Media Prize 2021 who took part in the digital sessions:


Here you can see the members of the AUDIO selection committee and jury


Here you can see the members of the VIDEO selection committee and jury


Here you can see the members of the YOUNG C. selection committee and jury