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Ferdos Forudastan
Executive Director

Head office: +49 221 2775870

Studied law in Freiburg; 1989 – 1999 capital correspondent, firstly for the tageszeitung newspaper, then for the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper; from 1999 presenter and author for (among others) WDR and Deutschlandfunk; 2012-2017 Head of the Press and PR unit at the Office of the Federal President/spokeswoman for Federal President Joachim Gauck; 2018-2020 Head of Domestic Politics at Süddeutsche Zeitung; Executive Director of the CIVIS Media Foundation and Head of the WDR Europe Forum since April 2020.

Isabella Bleissem

Management Assistant

Head office: +49 221 2775870

Verena Cojic

Project Coordinator | Social Media

T +49 221 2202085

Carla Herzog
Dr. Christina Killius

Authorized signatory | Head of Design and Coordination

T +49 221 2202228

Marie Lavall
Luca Schulz

Project Coordinator | Digital projects | Press

T +49 221 2202291

Simone Thies

Project Manager CIVIS Media Dialogue

T: +49 221 220 2733