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Une histoire à ma fille

Prize-winner 2008
European CIVIS Television Prize – entertainment

Authors:Catherine Borgella, Chantal Picault
Editorial:Jean Bigot, Fanny Rondeau, Harold Valentin
Direction:Chantal Picault
Television film, France 2
Broadcasting date 07.11.2007 at 20:50 hrs by France 2

Ahmed who comes from Algeria begins his last journey. He came to France as a foreign worker and is now going home. Ahmed would like to spend his final days in his native country: he has cancer in the terminal stage. Ahmed hides the true reason of his return from the children. They are well-integrated in France. They have their homeland here. His daughter Sohela, a doctor, accompanies him in the car to Marseilles. A road movie begins about Algerian immigrants and their children.

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