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SWR2 Leben: My first Word was Chocolate – How I learned German as the Child of a Foreign Worker

Prize-winner 2008
European CIVIS Radio Prize – long programmes

Author:Hürü Meryem Kök
Editorial:Nadja Odeh
Direction:Maria Ohmer
Feature, SWR
Broadcasting date 13.03.2007 at 10:05 hrs by SWR2

At home we only spoke Turkish. My parents couldn’t help me with learning German. I had to learn for them too and was their means of communication with a world which they did not understand. I was five and had only been in Germany for a couple of days. A German grandma pushed a bar of chocolate with whole nuts into my hand said syllable by syllable choc – o – late. I tried it and knew immediately: this is a word I would never forget.

integration and cultural diversity    migration   

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