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Panorama: Hitler Salute and Nazi Cult – Secret Shoots of NPD Officials

Nomination 2008
German CIVIS Television Prize – information

Authors:Klara Scheitza, Dietmar Schiffermüller
Editorial:Stephan Wels
Direction:Klara Scheitza, Dietmar Schiffermüller
Magazine item, NDR
Broadcasting date 15.03.2007 at 21:45 hrs by ARD

Thomas K. has been investigating with a hidden camera for nine years in the right-wing radical scene. His shoots repeatedly cause a stir. Thomas K. films at considerable personal risk. He shows how the NPD Chairman Udo Vogt takes part in a commemoration of confessed National Socialists and how other NPD members give the Hitler salute at a Nazi concert. Now, he is getting out: the broad casting companies are no longer interested in his pictures. Neo-Nazis are said to have become normal. Nobody would get upset about them any more.

right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism   

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