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die story: Bloody harvest. Why Dariusz had to die

Nomination 2009
European CIVIS Television Prize – information

Authors:Rena Giefer, Thomas Giefer, Karl Hoffmann
Editorial:Dr. Heribert Blondiau, Prof. Dr. Sabine Rollberg
Documentary, WDR

Dariusz was one of thousands of illegal seasonal workers who stream into the South of Italy year after year – in the hope of making a couple of fast Euros. Recruited by dubious middlemen, many are crammed together in degrading labour camps, guarded and goaded by armed “Capos”. In escape attempts there have been fatalities. The grave of Dariusz is opened under police protection. A depressing film on modern slavery in the tomato fields of Apulia.

europe / european solidarity    human rights    migration   

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