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Cosmo – German-Turkish retirement happiness in lavender

Nomination 2009
European CIVIS Radio Prize – short programmes

Author:Serap Dogan
Editorial:Ayca Tolun
Direction:Ayca Tolun
Reportage, WDR

Elfriede and Ibrahim Pinar are both over 70-years-old. On many weekly markets in the Cologne region the two are to be found with their lavender stand. Their pension is not enough to live on. The two already got to know each other over 40 years ago, when they worked at Cologne’s Ford plant. The different culture of the married couple caused them no problems. Elfriede Pinar already learnt Turkish in the early years of their marriage and would also like to live in Turkey. But her husband does not want to, because he is “ne kölsche Turk”.

europe / european solidarity    integration and cultural diversity    migration   

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