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Network against Nazis – Help and Advice against Right-wing Extremism

Prize-winner 2010
European CIVIS Online Prize – webpages

Authorized representative:Simone Rafael
Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

“Netz gegen Nazis – mit Rat and Tat gegen Rechtsextremismus” (Network against Nazis – Help and Advice against Right-wing Extremism) offers a comprehensive overview of the latest visible forms of right-wing extremism and provides basic knowledge on the theme. The web offer debunks radically right-wing, racialist and anti-Semitic ideology fragments as well as associated argumentation. “Netz gegen Nazis” addresses itself to citizens who come in contact with neo-Nazis in their environment.

anti-Semitism    racism    right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism   

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