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Feature: Euro generation “Left on their own”. The lonely children of the Romanian work migrants

Nomination 2010
European CIVIS Radio Prize – long programmes

Author:Keno Verseck
Editorial:Marcus Heumann
Direction:Axel Scheibchen
Feature, DLF

They grow up with their grandparents or with distant relatives. Often they do not see their parents for years. Usually, they suffer in silence, some become involved in a criminal milieu, some kill themselves. Romania’s new problem with children: around 350,000 minors grow up without their parents. They are away working in Western Europe in order to secure a modest livelihood for their dependents. In some Romanian school classes almost half the children are part of the Euro generation “Left on their own”.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Sensitive, with lasting effect – an investigative performance.

europe / european solidarity    migration   

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