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“Burnt in police cell No. 5 – The death of the Asylum-seeker Oury Jalloh in Dessau”

Nomination 2011
European CIVIS Radio Prize – long programmes

Author:Margot Overath
Editorial:Ulf Köhler
Feature, MDR/DLF/NDR

In 2005 Oury Jalloh burns to death in a Dessau police cell, both his hands and feet are bound. How this could happen remains a mystery. “Despite most intensive efforts”, the court is unable to clear up the facts of the death in the police station. The defendants are acquitted. In January 2010, the Federal Supreme Court revokes the verdict and orders a new investigation of the case. Oury Jalloh’s death through burning will be completely re-investigated. One Dessau policeman breaks the code of silence of the police force.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
An investigative journalistic performance – meticulously researched, spine-chilling, shocking.

asylum    social cohesion    human rights   

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