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Echo der Zeit: Meschugge Party – Jewish Life in Berlin

Prize-winner 2013
European CIVIS Radio Prize – short programmes

Author:Casper Selg
Editorial:Judith Huber
Report, SRF 1

At the end of August 2012, a rabbi is beaten up by two young racialists in Berlin. For months there has been a heated debate about the circumcision of boys. Both of these things fill Jews in Germany with indignation and cause them to feel insecure. Simultaneously, for many young Jews from Israel Berlin is “the place to be”. The topical short report is set in the Berlin scene restaurant “The Kosher Classroom”. Members of the Jewish community report on their feeling about life in Berlin and how it is negatively affected by anti-Semitic violence and debates about circumcision.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Convincing presentation of a European problem – very multifaceted, linguistically outstanding.


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