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Transfer – The dream of eternal life

Prize-winner 2014
German CIVIS Television Prize – entertainment

Prize-winners:Gerald Klein, Damir Lukacevic, Gabi Blauert
Editorial:Christian Cloos, Doris Hepp
Direction:Damir Lukacevic

Germany in the near future. In a sanatorium on Lake Constance, Hermann and his seriously ill wife Anna, buy the bodies of two Africans. They are “reborn” in their bodies. Through a personality transfer they gain control of the bodies of two black Africans for 20 hours a day. In order to secure the survival of their families in Africa, Appolain and Sarah have decided to sell their bodies. Only at night, when the two whites are asleep, can they be themselves again for four hours.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
A science-fiction thriller about refugees, exploitation, trafficking. Complex, disturbing, explosive. Terrific actors.

identity    human rights   

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