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Who’s afraid of the white man?

Nomination 2014
German CIVIS Television Prize – entertainment

Author:Dominique Lorenz
Editorial:Claudia Simionescu
Direction:Wolfgang Murnberger
Film, BR/ARD

The Munich butcher Franz Rissmeyer has to deal with the asylum seeker Alpha from the Congo. No one can do anything right for him, least of all Alpha, who his daughter Zita is forced to employ illegally. In the dispute about the changing of a light bulb,it comes to a serious accident:Both men receive a powerful electrical shock, as a result of which the master butcher dies. His spirit, however, remains on earth. Quite imperceptibly the traditional Bavarian supporter of apartheid develops a kind of friendship with Alpha.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
A comedy about everyday racism – eloquent, bad-tempered, with impressive actors.

human rights    migration    racism   

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