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The judgment in Hungary

Prize-winner 2015
European CIVIS Television Prize – information

Prize-winner:Eszter Hajdú
Editorial:Dagmar Mielke, Petra Lidschreiber, Margje de Koning
Producer:Miradouro Media, LDA in co-production with rbb, Perfect Shot Films and IKON
Documentary, rbb/ARTE

The criminal investigation into the series of shocking murders of Hungarian Roma – for many observers one of Hungary’s most important criminal cases in the 21st century. In a series of attacks by right-wing extremists in 2008/09, a total of 6 people, including a five-year-old child, were killed. A further five victims were seriously injured. Following unprecedented errors in the police investigation, allied to suspicions of complicity by the intelligence services in these racially-motivated murders, the court was under enormous public pressure from the very outset.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Harrowing chronicle of an unfathomable crime – must-see television, gripping, politically important.

racism    right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism    Sinti and Roma   

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