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Meat Loaf Land

Prize-winner 2016
European CIVIS Television Prize – entertainment

Prize winner:Nils Willbrandt (nach dem Roman von Dr. Lale Akgün)
Editorial:Barbara Süßmann (Degeto), Sophie Seitz (WDR)
Producer:Tanja Ziegler
TV film, ARD DEGETO/Ziegler Film

Turkish immigrants in Germany in the 1960s. In a humorous way, the true story is told of a Turkish cosmopolitan feminist who follows her husband to the Ruhr area in 1962. Integration as a painful, however, in the final analysis successful process. Just as Latife is celebrating having passed her entrance examination for Istanbul University, her dream of an academic career is also already over. With a heavy heart she follows her husband Burhan to Germany. He takes over a dental practice in Moers, NRW.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Unusual story of a family – told with humour. Cinematically and theatrically outstanding.

integration and cultural diversity    migration   

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