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BVB V. the Right-wing – Dortmund and its unpopular Fans

Prize-winner 2016
CIVIS Special Prize Sports

Prize winner:Mareike Wilms
Editorial:Marion Schmickler, Barbara Schmitz (WDR)
Documentary, WDR/ARD

Borussia Dortmund (BVB) has around ten million fans – at home games, the stadium with its 80,000 seats is always sold out. The top European club is the leading identification symbol for the people of the region. So-called neo-Nazis increasingly use the stadium as a setting for their banners and symbols. The hard core of fans with extreme right-wing views is small – but noisy and violently inclined. For two years, the BVB has openly opposed these fans and publicly positioned itself against racism.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Impressive documentary – convincing, concrete, highly informative.

racism    right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism   

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