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Panorama: “Alternative for Politics: Emotions instead of Facts”

Prize-winner 2017
European CIVIS Television Prize – magazines

Prize winner:Ben Bolz, Johannes Edelhoff
Editorial:Volker Steinhoff (NDR)
Magazine report, NDR

The rhetoric of the populists makes use of fears, dramatizations and threatening disasters. Emotions rather than facts – with respect to climate change, Islam and the theme of refugees. The people should be mobilized emotionally, facts are not so important for the emotional politics. The AfD politician Alexander Gauland frankly admits that the AfD exaggerates the dangers of refugee crime: “It is not done by asserting false facts, but by focusing on certain facts in the forefront of the argument”.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
The campaigning techniques of populists are understandably visible – unusual, memorable, virtuoso.

right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism   

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