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Nomination 2017
European CIVIS Online Prize – webpages

Authorised to represent:Christian Beetz
Conception:Hannah Kappes, Georg Tschurtschenthaler, Tanja Schmoller, Jens-Uwe Grau
Multimedia web project, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion Berlin, Koproduktion: udiVsagi production, BR, rbb

“#uploading holocaust” is a web project about the digital memory culture of the Holocaust. Against anti-Semitism and racism, and in favour of an open discussion of the theme in the social media. How does remembrance work today? Dancing in Auschwitz? Taking selfies on graves? Completely tasteless or absolutely OK? A combination of video material and interactive questionnaire. The starting point are original YouTube videos from Jewish students, who every year make a class trip in Poland on the trail of their ancestors who were killed by the Nazi regime.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Up-to-date, powerful images, well-documented – a highly informative website.

anti-Semitism    democratic culture   

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