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Die Story im Ersten: Paradise Papers – Secret Business. Billion Deals of Commodity Enterprises

Nomination 2018
European CIVIS Television Prize – information

Authors:Jochen Taßler, Petra Nagel, Petra Blum, Georg Wellmann
Editorial:Monika Wagener (WDR), Martin Suckow (WDR), Stephan Wels (NDR)
Documentary, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR/NDR/ARD/Das Erste)

Former IWF director, Michel Camdessus talks about “emigration”, “chaos, even war”, if it were not to succeed that Africa can benefit from the wealth of its natural resources. The documentary offers a glance behind the scenes of the commodity industry and shows how a global commodity company secures one of the largest copper deposits in the world with the help of controversial business partners. Contracts, emails, documents from the Paradise Papers reveal for the first time, how exactly western companies negotiate contracts in Africa.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Reasons for fleeing become evident – excellent research, impressive, future-orientated.

flight    human rights   

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