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Alyom – Syria’s children, poison gas and we – Episode 3

Prize-winner 2018
Special Programmes – Radio

Authorised to represent:Laura Aha, Angelique Geray, Marie-Julie May
Editorial:Angelique Geray, Florian Gehm, Mohammad Rabie, Tina Hüttl, Jenny Roth, Kristin Schulze
Podcast, Axel Springer Akademie

“It is the wheezing of people, we will never forget. The gasping in the struggle against death and sarin, the insidious poison.” 16 young journalists from Berlin, sitting in front of a laptop together, are shocked when watching a video of a poison gas attack of Syrian dictator Baschar al-Assad on a small village. Thereupon they create the Podcast ALYOM. Particularly, because we Germans may not look away, when people are killed with poison gas. On the basis of the story of -12-year old Yusuff Al Yusuff, they shed light on the fate of the children of Syria and investigate backgrounds and involvement of German companies.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
An extraordinary journalistic research achievement. ALYOM – the podcast by the Axel Springer Akademie, makes the consequences of war tangibly comprehensible. Produced using all means of most recent modern digital possibilities, emotionally touching, highly impressive. An outstanding example of audio-phonics for serial narration.

democratic culture    flight    human rights   

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