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Prize-winner 2019
European Young CIVIS Media Prize

Author:Lukas Nathrath, Prüfungskommission: Prof. Richard Reitinger
Short film, Hamburg Media School/NDR, Koproduktion: Christian Granderath, Sabine Holtgreve (NDR)

14-year-old Oskar is viciously bullied after his classmates learn that he is Jewish. The attacks are becoming increasingly more threatening. His classmates force him to set fire to an Israeli flag. While the headmaster ignores his parents’ pleas, Oskar finds his own ways to deal with the humiliations and stand by his identity. Based on a true story, the short film tells a story about anti-Semitic bullying and violence against a Jewish classmate at a German school.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
An explosive topic, highly topical – outstanding cinematography and acting. A wide audience is desired.

anti-Semitism    identity    integration and cultural diversity   

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