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MONITOR – Pure racism: an advertising poster and its consequences

Nomination 2019
European CIVIS Television Prize – magazines

Authors:Naima El Moussaoui, Andreas Maus, Bernhard Küchler
Editorial:Georg Restle, Shafagh Laghai
Magazine report, WDR/ARD/Das Erste

Philipp A. was born and grew up in Germany. A likeable young man – at least that is what the DAK health insurance company thinks. That is why they used a photo of him and his girlfriend for an advertising poster. The reaction to the poster: racists insults encouraged by a chapter of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland – Alternative for Germany). The hatred ranged from propaganda for “miscegenation” through to “rapist” and “murderer”, “replacing the population with foreigners” and “ethnic replacements”. And all this because Philipp has dark skin. Apparently not a matter of course in Germany.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Shocking, powerful – an important, impressive report about the sad reality in Germany.


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