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Nomination 2020
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Entertainment

Writer:Michael Koch, Juliane Großheim
Editorial:Andrea Hanke (WDR), Georg Steinert (ARTE), Tamara Mattle (SRG SSR)
Direction:Michael Koch
Producer:Claudia Steffen, Christoph Friedel (Pandora Film Produktion)
Co-Producer:Christof Neracher (Hugofilm Productions), Little Shark Entertainment (Tom Spiess)
TV film

The young Ukrainian, Marija, loses her job as a cleaner in a Dortmund hotel – and therefore the opportunity to save money for the dream of her own hair salon. But she tenaciously pursues her goal of leading a more independent, freer life. She uses her body and suppresses her feelings to escape poverty and alienation.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
A film about people who are invisible to many citizens in prosperous Germany: poor, always seeking a better future, usually in difficult situations. Superb acting.


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