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My Vietnam

Nomination 2021

Authors:Tim Ellrich, Hien Mai
Direction:Tim Ellrich, Hien Mai
Production:Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Co-Producer:Leopold Pape (Coronado Film)

The lives of Bay and Tam, husband and wife from Vietnam, is a balancing act: they have lived and worked in Munich for 30 years but remain in contact with their homeland over the internet. And they learn online that their old house back home has been destroyed by a storm and one of their relatives is dying. Bay, who is learning German and will soon become a grandmother, remains rooted in Germany. But Tam feels increasingly drawn back to his ancestral home.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Cleverly selected images impressively emphasise the dilemma of living in different worlds simultaneously. Husband and wife are content – yet respond very differently to the dichotomy between their Vietnamese roots and their ties to their new home in Germany. Mein Vietnam is an impressive documentary about the challenges of migration.

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