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Hey, I’m a Jew! Young. Jewish. German.

Nomination 2021

Author:Jan Tenhaven
Editorial:Thorsten Eppert (Nordend Film), Simone Müller
Production:Nordend Film GmbH
Documentary, ZDF

They aspire to be more than just members of a fringe group. Eleven Jewish youngsters discuss their everyday lives between the sports field and the synagogue, Torah and Instagram, Shabbat and partying. Wearing a kippah or Star of David in public, they risk becoming the targets of antisemitic insults or even attacks. But they are tired to being reduced to the role of victims. A film about the diversity of life among Jewish youngsters in Germany.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
It is still astonishing news for far too many citizens: Jews in Germany live like members of other religions or no religion at all. They are part of this society. And Jewish life is very diverse in Germany. The documentary Hey, ich bin Jude! communicates this fact without ever becoming patronising – making it a deeply touching experience.

anti-Semitism    identity   

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