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ProSieben Spezial. Rightwing. German. Radical.

Prize-winner 2021

Editorial:Jan A. Karon, Elisabeth Krafft, Isabelle Lange, Sigrid Reuter
Direction:Anja Buwert
Production:PQPP2 GmbH
Producer:Anja Buwert, Caspar Fischer
Documentary, ProSieben

Thilo Mischke and his team spent a year researching in the radical right-wing scene. How do the organisations work in this segment of society? How do they recruit new members? How much do they have in common and where do they differ? And how much of a threat do they present to the rule of law and democracy? The brutal statement by a former functionary of the AfD Party leaves no room for doubt: It is a huge threat, bent on destruction and murder

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Rechts. Deutsch. Radikal. lives off the tension between the coarse brutality of its subject matter and the cautious tone adopted by the narrator. It offers close-up views of the militant right wing, but without pandering. And in doing so it reveals Germany’s ugliest side. This is instructive and horrifying, even more so as the film adopts a nuanced approach.

right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism   

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