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Prize-winner 2021
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Entertainment

Author:Stefanie Kremser
Editorial:Claudia Simionescu (BR), Monika Lobkowicz (BR/ARTE)
Direction:Dirk Kummer
Production:Kineo Filmproduktion Peter Hartwig und cinema negro Filmproduktion Sidney Martins
Fernsehfilm, BR, ARTE

Ezequiel is an expert in martial arts and would like to teach capoeira. But as a Black man with an immigrant background, he is forced to accept whichever job offers he gets: “monument care”. In plain language: cleaning public urinals at night. He doesn’t dare tell either his wife or his son Stevie about it. Stevie should go to university and embark on a promising career. That’s what Ezequiel thinks. But Stevie has other plans: he wants to be a hairdresser.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Herren tells of a father’s search for meaning during a midlife crisis. It is a universal story, but one that plays out in the ordinary lives of Black people in Germany. Unhurried, with great actors and an imaginative visual design, the film portrays a slice of diversity in Germany that many still have difficulty accepting.

identity    racism   

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