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May I Touch Your Hair? – Everyday Racism in Germany

Prize-winner 2021
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Social Media Format

Authors:Michel Abdollahi, Miriam Anna Hochhard, Janina Kalle, Daphne Ivana Sagner, Jan-Nicholas Vogt, Robert Weitkamp
Editorial:Tobias Gnädig, Miriam Anna Hochhard
Direction:Jan-Nicholas Vogt, Robert Weitkamp
Production:Michel Abdollahi (Telemichel Produktionsgesellschaft mbH)
Producer:Michel Abdollahi (Telemichel Produktionsgesellschaft mbH)
Social Media Format, WDR COSMO

It is an everyday experience, especially for BPOC: somebody takes the liberty of touching their hair. Just like that, permission taken for granted. But it is still a gesture of marginalisation, with the message: you are different. The COSMO team turned the tables and asked people on the street if they could touch their hair. The response was lively and instructive.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Darf ich Dir in die Haare fassen? is a genuinely interactive video: by reversing the roles, a seemingly harmless gesture is exposed for what it is: a piece of everyday racism. Unfolding almost playfully, this video creates an illuminating interplay, one that is sensitively presented and serious but also humorously ironic and cleverly adapted to the formats of social media.


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