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Black Lives Matter in Switzerland – People of Color in Switzerland Commenting on Racism, Protests and Events in the USA (1/3)

Nomination 2021
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Social Media Format

Editorial:Can Külahcigil
Direction:Can Külahcigil
Production:Schweizer Rundfunk und Fernsehen
Producer:Can Külahcigil
Co-Producer:Larissa Sterchi
Social Media Format, SRF VIRUS

The murder of the Afro-American US citizen George Floyd provoked outrage, also in Switzerland. Virus, the youth channel of Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, has responded in a three-part series to calls for better representation of those affected by racism. In the first episode, eleven people report on their experience with racism and explain their position in regard to the Black Lives Matter protests.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Black Lives Matter has swept through Europe. Giving a voice to victims is part of the resistance against racism. Sadly, racism is still an everyday experience on our continent. The video Black Lives Matter in der Schweiz impressively demonstrates what social media can achieve: it is quick to respond, confidently crafted and implemented with an original visual concept.


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