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Feature am Mittwoch: Halle October 9 – One Year After

Nomination 2021
CIVIS AUDIO AWARD – Long Programmes

Author:Duška Roth
Editorial:Tobias Barth
Direction:Nikolai von Koslowski
Production:Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk
Feature, MDR Kultur – Das Radio

Halle’s society is faced with urgent questions following the attack on the city synagogue. How will people cope with the horror that happened? What will change in the lives of the citizens, individually and collectively, and what consquences for media and politicians? Duška Roth spent over twelve months searching for answers: in the Jewish community, at the local kebab shop, in the neighbourhood around the crime scene, in the state parliament’s select committee and at the trial against the attacker.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
The author of Halle, 9. Oktober- ein Jahr danach delivers a well-crafted, very pared down and comprehensible account of the attack on the synagogue and the views of citizens, officials and witnesses. An impressive piece of journalism that sheds light on the specifics of the attack and, by doing so, points to circumstancdes beyond the event.

anti-Semitism    terrorism   

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