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Coming Home Episode 1: The German IS Battle Unit

Nomination 2021

Authors:Lisa Maria Hagen, Mariam Noori
Editorial:Joachim Dicks, Martina Kothe
Direction:Beatrix Ackers-Matejka
Production:Norddeutscher Rundfunk
Feature podcast series, NDR Kultur

Lisa Hagen and Mariam Noori provide a glimpse into the lives of different families who have one thing in common: their sons fell for IS terror militia recruiters and travelled to fight in Syria. Fero and Marvin remain missing, and their families ask themselves: what did we do wrong? Oliver is back in Austria and fights for a second chance in society. But his past in an extremist milieu cannot simply be cast aside.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
The topic – young IS recruits from Europe – is not new, but has rarely been dealt with as forcefully as in Heimkehr- Die deutsche Kampfeinheit beim IS. Exercising the highest standards of journalism, powerful quotes and cleverly conceived dramaturgy with a touching conclusion illuminate the tragic aberration of three young people from the midst of our society.

fundamentalism    terrorism   

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