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My scar: Martin was a prisoner in a Syrian torture prison

Prize-winner 2022
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Social Media Format

Authors:Fitore Muzaqi, Henrik Schütz, Stefanie Vollmann
Editorial:Miriam Anna Hochhard, Fitore Muzaqi
Direction:Fitore Muzaqi
Production:WDR COSMO
Producer:Fitore Muzaqi
Co-Producer:Jan Hoffmann (bildband Film & Fernsehproduktion KG)
Social media format

Further informations

Martin works for an aid organisation in the Middle East. Right at the beginning of a new mission, he and a friend are kidnapped by Syrian security forces and taken to a prison in Damascus. There he experiences torture and rape but is eventually released. He decides to have his face tattoo – displaying an aerial bomb – removed. The scar is to remain, a token of his suffering.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
A credible and authentic rendition of methods to deprive a human being of his dignity. The protagonist, clearly trustful of the author, opens up unreservedly without the necessary journalistic distance suffering. This is captivating and touching while avoiding cheap pathos. Visual design is unobtrusive, allowing the story to take centre stage.

human rights   

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