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ARTE RE: Agnes and Amir – Sharing a flat with a 101-year-old woman

Nomination 2023

Author:Lisa Jandi
Editorial:Frederic Ulferts (ZDF)
Producer:Stefan Mathieu (Kobalt Productions)
Documentary, Kobalt Productions GmbH | ZDF/ARTE

Agnes is 101 years old and has a new roommate: Amir, 28, fled from Iran to Berlin and is training to be a caregiver. He came across Agnes through an ad on the Internet: “Rent-free living in exchange for company for our granny.” Amir takes care of her: he helps her get dressed and brushes her teeth, makes sandwiches, goes to the zoo with Agnes. She is family to him, he is family to her. The two discover what unites them, despite the great age difference and regardless of their diverse backgrounds: humor and the desire to share their own lives with someone.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
“Two people separated by several decades discover what they have in common. Both are looking for closeness and support, both are striving to give direction and meaning to their living together, both see their differences as enrichment. The narrative is simple and positive, often funny. The reportage is carried by the dialogue of two very different people, portrayed affectionately and yet not without distance.”

social cohesion    integration and cultural diversity   

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