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Germany as seen by Russian propaganda | Fake News

Nomination 2023
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Social Media Format

Author:Masha Borzunova
Editorial:Nahuel Stoppa, Vladlena Savenkova (Kobalt Productions)
Production:Tita von Hardenberg, Katrin Sandmann, Stefan Mathieu (Kobalt Productions)
Co-Production:Tikhon Dzyadko (TV Rain), Lena Goliasch, Dieter Schneider (ZDF/ARTE)
Social Media Format, Kobalt Productions GmbH | TV Rain, ZDF/ARTE

A compact, international edition of Fake News, the YouTube channel on which the Russian Doschd editorial team, from its exile in Riga, systematically debunks the disinformation and propaganda of Russian state media. In short clips, the coarsest myths and distortions are presented and, with the help of the to-the-point moderator, the many methods of misdirection and the numerous clumsy lies are unmasked.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
“A professional piece of enlightenment that not only serves the truth in the abstract, but can also help in a very concrete way to promote the peaceful coexistence of people from different backgrounds. For the systematic production of fake news is causing unrest, polarization and division in Europe. The video is well crafted, visually appealing and skillfully tailored to the specific YouTube aesthetic.”

human rights    polarization    

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