For over three decades, the CIVIS Media Foundation has been focussing on migration, integration, cultural diversity and the portrayal of all this in the electronic media. How TV, radio, Internet and cinema report on the co-existence of people from different backgrounds and cultures in Europe; how they address the issues of racism, anti-Semitism and extremism, as well as strategies to combat hatred and propaganda, are the subject of the European CIVIS Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity. The nominated and award-winning entries of the past 32 years provide an excellent overview of outstanding programme achievements in the electronic media on topics relating to European immigrant society. The programmes also show which aspects of these topics were the focus of media attention at different times.

The new “CIVIS dossier” series summarises nominated and award-winning programme achievements on specific issues for selected current events.

Fleeing to Europe – 2015 to 2020

4th September 2020 | Dossier

Five years ago, the Federal Chancellor decided to support Austria in accepting many refugees, especially from the Near and Middle East. Many outstanding entries have been submitted for the European CIVIS Media Prize for Integration and Cultural Diversity, which deal with migration to our continent since 2015 and its and consequences.