For integration and cultural diversity - against racism and discrimination

The CIVIS Media Prize annually honours programme achievements in film, television, radio and the Internet that deal in an outstanding way with topics of migration, integration and cultural diversity and promote the peaceful coexistence of people of the most diverse geographical and cultural origins.

By awarding prizes to exemplary programmes, journalists and media professionals are encouraged to present the reality of life in the immigration society in all their programmes, without denying its conflicts. It is about equivalence, recognition and participation in social opportunities, regardless of national, ethnic or religious origin.

The CIVIS Media Prize aims to sensitise the electronic media in Europe to the issues of migration, integration and cultural diversity. The prize is awarded in six areas and several categories:


CIVIS Media Prize 2019

The media have a responsible role to play

Migration, integration and cultural diversity are increasingly shaping our everyday lives. The media have a responsible role to play: they are observers, reporters and actors at the same time. They not only depict rapid social change, they also shape it. The media determine our picture of current developments and can make a significant contribution to social integration.

Not only news and information programmes convey an idea of the common reality in which we live, but also fictional, entertaining programmes. This common idea constitutes the world. Especially the entertaining forms of communication have a socially influential effect and can have a lasting influence on the behaviour of viewers as well as listeners.