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Ö1 Morgenjournal: “Balkans closed, Asylum-seekers between hope and despair. Part: Serbia”

Nomination 2017
European CIVIS Radio Prize – short programmes

Author:Bernt Koschuh
Editorial:Barbara Weinzierl, Christian Williwald (ORF)
Direction:Wilhelm Wimmer
Report, Ö1

March 2016. The Balkan route to Northern Europe is closed. Transport by train and bus is officially suspended, the border crossings are closed for refugees. Thousands of stranded asylum-seekers cannot believe it: on reaching the halfway mark, the general conditions for them have changed. They had travel documents. Now they hope for a miracle. The conditions for them are getting increasingly difficult: continuous rain, infectious diseases are spreading. There is a lack of medicines, clothing and shoes.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Authentic, very moving – an outstanding report, shows the complete feeling of helplessness.

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