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hr2-kultur DER TAG: “Limits of Enlightenment – Right-wing Violence and the Legal System”

Prize-winner 2017
European CIVIS Radio Prize – long programmes

Prize winner:Angela Fitsch, Dr. Ulrich Sonnenschein, Claudia Sautter, Karen Fuhrmann
Editorial:Angela Fitsch, Dr. Ulrich Sonnenschein, Claudia Sautter
Direction:Markus Hürtgen
Background programme, hr

Munich, Higher Regional Court: 333rd day of proceedings in the NSU trial. It is the most important and, above all, the longest process involving right-wing terror, which there has ever been in Germany. It offers an insight into the depths of the right-wing scene, as well as the failure of the protectors of the constitution. Since May 2013 hundreds of witnesses have been heard, countless legal skirmishes and a hearing of evidence which already should have been finished. However, it is only the tip of right-wing violence that is revealed by this process.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Unique political radio feature – comprehensive, profound, topical and highly professional.

right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism    terrorism   

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