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NSU – Right-wing Terror Then and Now:

Nomination 2017
European CIVIS Online Prize – webpages

Authorised to represent:Thomas Sessner
Conception:Matthias Leitner, Peter Künzel, Thies Marsen, Christiane Miethge, Christoph Wolff
Webdoku, BR/ DasErste/ WDR/ SWR

“NSU – Right-wing Terror Then and Now”. The problem of the “national socialist underground” was not solved with the Munich process. There continue to be crimes in the name of the NSU – every fifth day, according to the information provided by the BKA. Is German society prepared for it? In the interactive web documentation the user identifies as a researcher: How did right networks help the NSU find weapons and accommodation? What mistakes have the investigators made in the persecution of the NSU? Is this still possible today?

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Extensive production at the highest technicalformal level – excellent journalism.

racism    right wing populism/ right wing radicalism/ right wing extremism    terrorism   

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