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Ayham – My new Life

Prize-winner 2017
CIVIS Special Prize Sports

Prize winner:Ilona Stämpfli, Marek Beles
Editorial:Ilona Stämpfli, Marek Beles (SRF)
Documentary, SRF

Together with his family, Ayham is forced to flee from Syria to escape the war. He does not really want to leave his home and his friends. But the danger is too great. They are travelling for five months. In Switzerland a new life begins for the 11-year-old. The first few months are tough, but at school, Ayham makes friends with classmates who like to play football. The coach discovers his talent and makes it possible for him to have a trial with the Grasshopper Club in Zurich. The club takes him into its junior team for one year.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Integration is a development from two sides – careful camera, impressive cutting and dramaturgy

flight    home    integration and cultural diversity    migration   

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