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Das kleine Fernsehspiel – When Paul came over the Sea

Prize-winner 2019
European CIVIS Television Prize – information

Author, Director:Jakob Preuss
Editorial:Diana Kraus, Milena Seyberth
Producer:Jakob Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann
Documentary, ZDF/ZDF Info/Weydemann Bros.

A documentary that deliberately exceeds limits. Paul Nkamani battled his way through the Sahara to the coast of Morocco. This is where Paul and the filmmaker Jakob Preuss meet. Paul soon manages to cross over to Spain in a rubber dinghy. He survives – but half of his fellow travellers die on the two-day odyssey. When Paul reaches Spain and decides to continue to Germany, Jakob has to decide: should he actively help Paul or remain an observing documentary maker?

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
Conflicts between protagonist and filmmaker are openly reflected – disillusioning, unusual, outstanding.

flight    social cohesion   

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