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Zara and the magical football boots: The Silver, Episode 1

Nomination 2019
European CIVIS Television Prize – entertainment

Authors:Robert Alberdingk Thijm, Jan Eilander, Ashgan El Hamus
Editorial:Julia Schellekens, Mirjam Marks, Suzanne Kunzeler, Astrid Bussink
Direction:David Eilander
Producer:Julia Schellekens, Mirjam Marks, Suzanne Kunzeler, Astrid Bussink
Television film, Pristine Film/VPRO/Nederlandse Publieke Omroep 3 (NPO3 ZAPP)

Nine-year-old Zara lives in a centre for asylum seekers in the Netherlands. She would really like to play football with the boys but there are no mixed teams. Her big brothers are also against it and think it is better if Zara does small tasks for the team instead. When Zara gets magical football boots from an angel that only she can see, she suddenly plays like a professional. But the angel warns her: the shoes will only work for a week until the final of the football tournament.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
A great series with children from six different asylum seeker centres – surprising, full of wit and humour, outstanding acting.


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