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Classe Unique (Newcomers)

Prize-winner 2020
CIVIS VIDEO AWARD – Entertainment

Writers:Christel Gonnard, Pauline Rocafull
Direction:Gabriel Aghion
Producer:Audrey Legray, Nicolas de Saint Meleuc, Thomas Anargyros (Storia Television)
Co-Producer:Sylvie Pialat (Les Films du Worso), Anne Holmès (France Télévisions)
Drama, France Télévisions / France 3

Jacques, the Mayor of Saint-Laurent, decides to offset the ageing population of his village somewhat and respond to a friend’s request, by welcoming a number of refugee families. Some of the locals are on his side; others are extremely hostile towards the asylum-seekers – initially at least. Then Jacques discovers that a young couple from Afghanistan are not actually permitted to remain in France and makes a momentous decision.

Excerpt from the jury’s statement
This feature film profoundly yet amusingly portrays people who risk a lot to stand by those in need, while surpassing themselves in the process. A comedy based on tragedy. A story of courage bordering on recklessness – and beyond.

asylum    migration    civil courage   

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